The Fleet 14 Coaching and Safety Boat

Highlander Fleet 14

Well, I thought I was only going to have to replace the spongy floor, Ya Right!

Fleet 14 was given this 22 ft Sisu walk-around center console a few years back by Whsikey Island Marina.  It was scheduled for demolition.  I spent the last year getting all of the bugs out of the engine and added electronic ignition.  She runs great now after replacing the timing belt and solving the over-heating problem.

This summer from June till the end of the season, I worked on removing the floor, rotted ribs a little at a time.  In the process I discovered that the complete transom needed replacing as well.

Next spring, I hope to complete the floor now that there is suitable framing in place to support a new floor.

Hopefully, we will now have a dependable safety boat to also help coach sailing, help out with race committee duties and tow boats when the wind dies or a capsize occurs.  It will also be a good platform for observers who want to watch the racing up close and take pictures or video.

Stay tuned!

Gary Vinicky

Co-Fleet Captain Fleet 14