We all enjoy cruising on a Highlander with our friends. However, racing is highly recommended. In the Fleet 14 racing program, your boat handling skills of  leaving the dock, sailing out in open water and returning to the dock will improve exponentially compared to cruising around by yourself. Fleet 14 is a marvelous support group that hangs around after each race discussing what occurred out on the water in an atmosphere of camaraderie. Also, a racing environment offers safety in numbers. 

making better sailors

More About Us

statement of Philosophy

The members of Fleet 14 are committed to assisting each other in becoming proficient sailors/racers in a supportive and helpful community of sailors. Our racing is governed by a high level of sportsmanship and with a spirit of friendly competition and comradeship.  We seek to share our enjoyment of sailing with others to promote the growth of our Fleet and of the sport of sailing. Click below to get a PDF copy of our Statement of Philosophy and Bylaws.

If you're as passionate about racing HIGHLANDERS as we are, then we want you in Fleet 14.

We try to do all that we can in helping new sailing teams become better sailors. We all learn something worthwhile in that process. It is that process that makes us all better for it.

Highlander Fleet 14